Negril Yoga Center met and exceeded my dreams with comfortable accommodations, superb healthy home-style cooking, beautiful private grounds, and a friendly and efficient staff – all just across the street from the sea! The workshops conducted by Heather, Mary, and Patricia provide not only practical rejuvenating lessons – breath, movement, creativity, and sound – but also offer a sense of self- empowerment, fellowship, and cleansing. I will be forever grateful for guidance in releasing that which no longer serves me and amazed by the peace

Jane H, Traveller

Not wanting to stay at a resort, we found the yoga center on the internet. The minute we walked through the gate we knew we were at the right place. The gardens are amazing and we could see right away how much love and care goes into them

Verena and Harry, Businesman

Finding Yoga Nature Centre is a blessing.

Coming away from the center and experiencing the true nature of Jamaica was my intention. With Annette’s hospitality and Gloria’s attentiveness you feel at home or at least with family. Also our security guys at night are just the bomb helping make sure we are safe and comfortable. Blondie the puppy brings her loving wagging tail to you throughout the day and Faye’s room cleaning keeps us cozy and warm. Fannette as our yoga instructor brings a blend of spirit and alignment with a tender touch for friendship and correction. Opening up to a world of Jamacian style family this is truly my 1st choice of choosing room and privacy. The beach across the street and downtown just a few blocks away and everything else on the strip is just a perfect combination.

Thanks so much for your love and friendship.

Kimberly Mendez (Yoga teacher) & Paul Grant, Teacher

We are glad to see negril hasn’t changed.

Thank you for a week with no tv, no radio, no newspaper, and no watch on our arm. Walking to the plaza and the beach across the street. I was glad to see the condition of the beach erosion wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Thank you for the outside shower.

Thank you for the freedom to smoke. But it is the people of the Yoga Center that keep us coming back.

Thanks for sending Joseoph, Scarletts beautiful smile, Glorias connections that got us our just talk card.

Thank Errol for the coconut.

But most of all thank Annette for her wonderfully humble and gracious service and exotically delicious breakfasts. She is one asset that is irreplaceable in our opinion. We will have pictures of her kithchen hanging in our kitchen in our little kentucky hillside retreat.

Our home has a beatiful view of the horizon to the south, so we always have an eye on Jamaica.

Our deepest love for a loving group.

Joey and Teresa Keith

This was my second visit to the Negril Yoga Center, and I had an even better time then the first. From the friendly staff, to the tasty food, to the yoga, everything was wonderful.

On my first night I met a woman who’s been coming to the center for the last 7 years, and I know why. It is a peaceful, little haven for us business type folk who need a well deserved break. However, the center attracts people from all over the world; from many different walks of life. It’s a place where all can come together to relax, explore the island, eat yummy local food prepared by an awesome kitchen staff, learn about and participate in the rejuvenating qualities of yoga, and basically have a fabulous time. . . all for an incredibly low price!

I look forward to my next stay at the Negril Yoga Center. When in Jamaica, I can’t imagine staying anywhere else.

Wendy Johnson

Good morning Gloria, Marcia and the staff,

I cannot thank each and every one of you for the fantastic five days Sarah and I spent at your beautiful center. I must admit when I first arrived I was quite anxious but you all eased me into relaxation! We both came back refreshed and healthier but mostly more able to just slow down and appreciate whatever moment we are in.

We hope to see you next year!

Have a great day!

Valerie Haase

Hello Raquel,

Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the yoga centre and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Negril – even if they had accommodation booked elsewhere, we would suggest they pop in for breakfast. Judy really does know how to cook! The gardens are beautiful, perfect for relaxing or chatting with new friends, as we did so often, finding ourselves wondering where the day had gone!

The two rooms we stayed in, Casa 3 and the A frame, are both special in different ways. The others rooms we saw also looked very nice. Being able to do yoga each morning is just an added bonus. We have a rule whereby we don´t visit the same place twice, as we feel there are so many places to visit in the world, but we are already talking about a return trip!”

Anneliese Townsend

Hello All,

This was my second visit to the Negril Yoga Center, and I had an even better time then the first. From the friendly staff, to the tasty food, to the yoga, everything was wonderful. On my first night I met a woman who’s been coming to the center for the last 7 years, and I know why. It is a peaceful, little haven for us business type folk who need a well deserved break. However, the center attracts people from all over the world; from many different walks of life. It’s a place where all can come together to relax, explore the island, eat yummy local food prepared by an awesome kitchen staff, learn about and participate in the rejuvenating qualities of yoga, and basically have a fabulous time. . . all for an incredibly low price! I look forward to my next stay at the Negril Yoga Center. When in Jamaica, I can’t imagine staying anywhere else.

Wendy Johnson

I came alone and stayed at The Negril Yoga Center for eight days in January in their most economical accommodation. I found the center to be very unique and enjoyable, the other guests who were there when I was there were wonderful, the staff and management were most helpful and caring about their guests, security was fine,and location was great. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the yoga centre to anybody contemplating staying there. I look forward to my next vacation there!!!

Kevin Kirby

Not wanting to stay at a resort, we found the yoga center on the internet. The minute we walked through the gate we knew we were at the right place. The gardens are amazing and we could see right away how much love and care goes into them. Gloria and Marcia welcomed us warmly and gave us some very helpful hints so that we might enjoy Negril like the wonderful place it really is. Claudette and Judy made sure we were as pampered as we could be. Judy’s food is still something we talk about often. We know neither the room nor the food or gardens would have been so wonderful without the smiles and love of the people who look after them. The yoga classes at the Center were a delight and it was nice to have two teachers who taught different styles. Whenever we have stressful days or situations we say that some Angelena yoga is what we need now. And to be doing yoga in a studio without walls set in a garden oasis is nothing less than perfect. If you want to forget you’re a tourist on your second day there, this is the place for you because family away from home is what you’ll find. We don’t know when, but we will be back for sure.

Verena and Harry

Hello Raquel,

We really enjoyed our stay at the Yoga Center. The retreat went exceedingly well. Everyone at the center was delightful and helpful, and the food was the best! At first, when I arrived, I was a bit concerned about privacy issues with us doing breath sessions on the Yoga deck. Transformational Breathwork is a very vulnerable and intimate experience for the group and I didn’t want staff or other guests to be annoyed by the music or emotions being expressed, because that would create a judgmental atmosphere. But it never was a problem. We were charmed and delighted by your Yoga Center, and look forward to returning next year, probably at the end of January and beginning of February We’d like to come when it’s a little busier in Jamaica, so the local people will not be quite so desparate (and pushy) for business. But we don’t want to compete with all the school vacationers later in February. Your thoughts are welcome on this subject.

Thank you!

In Joy,

Lois Grasso

Hello All,

My family and I had a wonderful stay at the Yoga Center. The beautiful gardens were an enticing backdrop for great yoga classes. My husband and I took turns practicing yoga on our vacation, while the other took our small son to the beach for a swim… a rare treat for these working parents!

I haven’t been able to focus on my yoga so frequently since before my son was born. I loved to mild manner of the Negril beach. It was perfect for my five-year old to swim in. I must say I loved The Yoga Center vibe and also the home made feta cheese!

Thank you all for a heavenly vacation.

Kim, Jason and Joah Margulis, Jacksonville, Oregon

Slo-o-o-w Down

Negril Yoga Center Bed & Breakfast, Negril, Jamaica Stretch your dollars-and your body-at this laid-back roadside enclave just across the street from the beach. Guests can sign up for as many or as few yoga classes as they’d like, making the center perfect for neophytes who are intimidated by a more serious, daylong schedule. Check out Negril’s nightlife, seven-mile beach and super reasonable health-food restaurants, including The Carrot and Just Natural.

What you get: A room for two in one of 12 simple cottages (some with porches and hammocks), use of a communal kitchen and morning yoga classes, all for $30 to $70 a night. Budget an extra $25 per person a day for meals. There’s also on-site massage ($65) and reflexology ($30).

Essence Magazine

Hello Raquel,

I just wanted to thank you for the fine time you showed us on our visit. You did a great job making us feel right at home in Negril and at the Yoga Center. The staff was very accomodating and friendly. The grounds are peaceful and the rooms comfortable. I wouldn’t hesitate to reccommend you to anyone visiting Negril. I particularly enjoyed our morning swims in El Mar Caribe. I hope to see you again soon. Attached are a couple of pictures you might enjoy.


Michael Levitt

Hi Raquel,

It’s so very nice to hear from you.

We had a DIVINE time. It was splendid indeed. EVERYTHING was WONDERFUL. Gloria and Marcia took very good care of us, and the staff in the kitchen was also very good to us too. They supplied us with necessities whenever we needed them.

Kathleen’s Yoga classes were a breath of fresh air. I wish I could take her classes every day. I’m not sure if your staff has spoken to you about our group stay, but I truly believe, your staff as well as my group really enjoyed each other. It was a PERFECT beginning for a WONDERFUL journey and I think the only thing missing was YOU. Not to worry, I am in the works for next year’s tour so I’ll definitely be in touch soon.

The Yoga Centre is one of Negril’s hidden treasures, so if I can help spread the word, you have my total support.

P.S. I did send an e-mail thanking your staff for their wonderful hospitality. I can send it to you should you want to have look. I speak on behalf of my entire group. Thanks so much for a wonderful space.


Love to all,


Hello All,

Thank you so much for making my stay comfortable and enjoyable. I am settling back into my teaching, but I am already aware that I will return to Jamaica in the near future.

Jamaica feels like home.

Thanks again for all of your thoughtful and dedicated work.

Peace & Love,


Hi Gloria and Raquel,

Negril Yoga Centre Rooms & Cottages is truly a little oasis. It is located in a very quiet mature garden with palm trees and humming birds – a great setting for the enjoyment of the delicious health food. The cottages and villas have so much charm, each designed in a unique and refreshing colorful style. The Centre offers free Yoga classes every morning. What a great way to start the day (after your first swim in the warm sea close by). Each morning at the Centre is the beginning of a new perfect day. You feel very quickly relaxed and revitalised. The staff is very friendly and professional. They cater for individual needs and pay attention to detail. By staying at the Centre a month every winter, I add an extra year to my life, – a longer, healthier and happier life.

A big cheer to the staff at Negril Yoga Centre Rooms & Cottages!

Henrik Litske, A Dane in Ireland

Dear Raquel,

I hope that this note finds your knee feeling better and you back up and on the move again. We had a terrific stay at the Yoga Center and would definitely return for future stays. It was exactly what we were looking for. I must tell you that your staff is absolutely wonderful. Judith, Inez, and the other ladies were just the most delightful people to share our week with. Eli thinks that Judith should have her own cooking show! Please let them know how much we enjoyed them and being spoiled by them. I will definitely recommend The Yoga Center to my friends and clients.

Blessings of health & happiness to you all,

Lyne, Bryan, and Eli Seppala


Amy and I just wanted to express our sincere thanks for an extraordinary 11 night stay at the Negril Yoga Center. There was never a dull moment yet we always found all the time we needed to relax. Everybody on your staff not only made us feel like we were family, but it was amazing how easy it was for us to smoothly arrange and coordinate everything from a rental car to a shuttle to and from the airport. Check-out also went really smooth on the morning we left. We definitely felt like we made a lot of new friends there and we hope to see you all again real soon.

We already miss Likle 2!

We’ll try and send some digital pics soon,


Hi Raquel!

We were so sad to leave Negril but are happy to be back home in Brooklyn after a long day of traveling. I’m sorry we didn’t get to thank you in person, but we both wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Jamaica, and, most importantly, at the Yoga Center. We couldn’t have dreamed of a friendlier, more welcoming, or more beautiful spot. It was really perfect.

Be well, and hope to see you again soon.


Our Dear ones in the Garden of peace!

We´re sending the warmest grateful greetings to you!

Thank you for showing us love, care and genuine hospitality!

Back in old Sweden…..we´ve got quite a lot of snow and ice…. so far from the wonderful Negril Beach……

We do miss you…..Rachel, Gloria, Marcia…….

Heaps of Hugs from the three of us

Gerd, Marcus and Pär

Dear Raquel:

I wanted to thank you for the most marvelous time in Jamaica. Your wam and generous hospitality was much appreciated and cherished. I hope to return to Negril as soon as possible. It has been difficult to return to the states and my life here. I’ll be in touch with you in the near future. Thanks again.



Greetings to everyone at the Yoga Centre!

Many thanks for a pleasant, comfortable and peaceful week. During my stay I enjoyed Gloria’s and Marcia’s hospitality, Annette’s delicious cooking and Jaime’s excellent yoga classes. I also enjoyed the beautiful gardens, which provide the Centre with its zen sanctuary character. Healthy living for the mind and the body. I left the Yoga Centre revitalized and spiritually balanced. I look forward to returning at the first opportunity.

For those considering the NYC, I recommend it as a wonderful alternative to the resort option. Ideally located, it offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a genuine Jah-maican experience.

I deliberated whether to come to Negril alone as a middle age woman when my friend cancelled her trip at the last minute. I was pleasantly surprised how safe and at home I felt under Raquel’s self created sanctuary and nurturing care and attention to detail e.g. fresh flowers and white candles in the room. The staff provided excellent food and daily maid service with smiles on their faces. The qualified teaching of yoga each day was an added bonus to a delightful stay. I will definitely return to NYC when the opportunity brings me to Negril again. Thank-you all for a wonderful stay.

Namaste, Amory

Dear Rachel and the entire Yoga Center Team,

Thank you very much for 12 pleasant days with lots of new natural experiences for my girlfriend Mia and me. Not just all the tropical fruits, moreover the entire surrounding of your campus was marvelous. It was just great…

Thank you so much



I trust this finds you well. I want to thank you all for the quiet and peaceful 5 days I spent with you. It is hard to believe it was 2 weeks ago roday that I arrived, but it is.

I have shared photos and stories with many friends and you will probably have a few vistors through the next season who will becoming due to the word of mouth system.

I had to spend a nite in MoBay because the airlines canceled the flight untill the next day. The high dollar Holiday Inn at Rose Hall was nice but I truely perfer the style of the NYC.

Hope to see you soon


Patrick Mach

Hi Raquel, Gloria, Marcy, Judith, Errol, James, etc…

Just wanted to thank you all for a great vacation – what a special place the Yoga Center is and I am so glad to have been able to visit and meet you all. Unfortunately now it is back to reality, I am at work and it is cold enough to see your breath in the mornings although they say it will get up to about 60 degrees Farenheit today (still not warm enough for me)…

Raquel, I mailed your envelope this morning on my way to work.

Please tell Neela I said hello and to enjoy the beach for me as I sit here in New Jersey!

Thanks again everyone for everything.


Hello Raquel, Gloria and all,

Happy New Year to all! I would be more than happy to give a testimonial for the Yoga Centre. “In the times I stayed at the Negril Yoga Centre Resort & Spa I have found the staff to be courteous, friendly and quite helpful; the food is delicious and healthy; and the accommodations are, in my opinion, the best value in Negril and very comfortable as well. The grounds are a beautiful and well kept oasis from the hustle and bustle of modern life. I would highly recommend staying at the Yoga Centre to anyone!”


Bill C

Raquel and Gloria:

Well, as you’ve figured out by now, I did make it on the plane Saturday night – I was fourth on the standby list but made it on. I had a wonderful time staying at the Yoga Centre – thank you both for a great stay. Raquel – I’m sorry I didn’t get to say good bye to you – I was soaking in my last sunset and then the tour bus came and they were actually on time. I look forward to staying with you on my next trip – hopefully will bring my sister with me. I’ll keep in touch and you do the same.

Love to you both


Raquel and Gloria,

I recently spent two restful weeks at the Yoga Centre where I enjoyed wonderful accommodations and excellent hospitality. If you are seeking an atmosphere full of lush gardens and quiet sanctuary, the Yoga Centre is the place for you. Raquel and Gloria have created a slice of heaven where one can relax in the hammocks and enjoy yoga classes taught by the best of instructors. The Yoga Centre is the perfect place to stay while in Negril – go out and enjoy all that Negril has to offer – idyllic beaches and nightlife to suit everyone’s tastes – then come home to your piece of paradise and renew your spirit and soul. I look forward to my next visit to Negril and staying with my new friends at the Yoga Centre.

Robin B.

Paradise and Personality

I’ve stayed all over Negril, on the cliffs and in several properties on the beach. The Negril Yoga Centre was by far my favorite. We were first greeted by the warmest, friendliest Jamaican woman I’ve met, Darnet. She continued to look after our wellbeing the entire time (16 days) we were there.

Second (and this is rare): it’s peaceful and QUIET! You can’t say that about a lot of places, where music blasts from the outdoor bands until the wee hours, and then the chickens or dogs wake you in the early morning hours. The garden areas are beautiful, full of flowers, birds, hummingbirds and land crabs.

Third: it’s super convenient to the beach: right across the street from Coral Seas. I went swimming almost every single day and the beach there is nice and quiet, plus there are several restaurants within close walking distance. You can even walk down to the craft market or downtown to local grocery stores (we made most of our meals in the kitchenette).

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Will definitely be back!!!


A beautiful piece of rustic paradise.

We have just spent at beautiful and blissful week at the Negril Yoga Centre. It’s a gorgeous, bijou collections of huts and chalets set in tranquil tropical gardens. Everything has a loved and homemade feel. This means you may have to forego some comforts like air conditioning and double glazing. However you can eat home cooked Ackee and Saltfish watching humming birds, lizards and mongoose playing in the gardens.

The staff are friendly, warm and welcoming. They loved telling us about the plants and animals resident in the gardens. They also brew a mean coffee and make amazing breakfasts. Everything is cooked to order so you better not be in a rush. Nobody rushes in Negril anyway. Kenroy the night steward is also really helpful, greeting us from our late arrival.

We only joined in the yoga once but it was a fabulous class.

The centre is located across the road from 7 Mile Beach will all its delights. The main shopping area of Negril is just a few minutes walk away.


Beautiful retreat

I stayed for several days in December and fell in love with the accommodations. Property is very well kept and the surroundings are peaceful. The staff is warm and helpful, Annette is a lovely chef and I enjoyed every meal she prepared. The beach is across the street and there are several restaurants and nice clubs within walking distance. I look forward to returning soon.


Class with Fanette Johnson

Leave your attachment to your home yoga tradition at the gate of the Negril Yoga Centre as you prepare to refine your asana practice in a class with Fanette Johnson. Focusing on breath, alignment and balance, Fanette guides you to find your edge, realign and rebalance before easing gently into a deeper expression of each pose. Beginning students to experienced instructors benefit from practicing with clearly defined intention during Fanette’s classes. Every time I engage in a session with Fanette I take away something new to include in my personal practice and my own classes. Do body and soul the honor of completely immersing yourself in and hour of focused breath, balance and alignment. Namaste.


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